Networking – Our DNA

Networking has been our DNA for over 20 years. Today many of the places you shop, eat, visit or take services from are underpinned with a network delivered by CAE’s network experts.

You’re in safe hands with CAE.

Software-Defined Intuitive Networks

Simplify and reduce the costs of network operations. With SDN you can also adapt faster, remediate risk and be ready to scale.

Your network is growing.

But that doesn’t have to mean more complexity, risk or spiralling costs.

We’re here to help you create a network you can build your future on. Benefit from simple management, modern security, effort-saving automation and standardisation that enables you to use open technologies.

Software-defined networks

Software-defined networking (SDN) makes your network easier to manage. Key operations are programmable, so you can automate tasks and configure new equipment faster. Our SDN solutions help you improve network performance, security, control and flexibility.

More flexibility in the network means you can apply changes rapidly. These changes can include setting up a new branch or deploying applications in your own data centre. They’re all simpler with SDN.

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CAE showed an unmatched ability to understand our business model and translate it into a solution that was exciting and made clear financial sense."

Alex Luff, Principality Stadium

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Network Security

Threats keep growing. You need to build in security that intelligently protects your network.

Only multi-layer security that predicts, detects and responds to incidents can meet today’s challenges.

We can integrate your complete solution.

Why is modern network security essential?

Security threats have advanced in number and sophistication, to the point where a data breach or service disruption is practically inevitable. The growth of the digital footprint is giving cyber criminals more opportunities to attack.

We can help you deploy modern network security with many layers, including user access, cognitive prediction and real-time detection, plus automated security responses – right across the network.

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Cloud Connectivity

Build the right foundation to realise the value of cloud.

Public cloud services and private cloud solutions can give your business more flexibility, scalability and value. But you need the right network, with simplified management, to deliver a smooth cloud experience to your users.

We can help you take the right path to public, private and hybrid cloud.

What is cloud connectivity?

Your network is the gateway to a huge range of flexible public cloud services, plus secure private cloud solutions. Yet managing cloud connections can be overly complex if public services aren’t well integrated.

We’re here to help you evolve your network to support your cloud strategy.

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Network Analytics

Networks don't stand still. Gain insights to keep driving performance and resilience.

From business growth to new workloads, the network is always facing new demands. So, how can you maintain performance during spikes, and deal with issues before they impact your business?

The answers are in your network data. Gain actionable insights and automate tasks with CAE.

What is network analytics?

Significant volumes of data pass through your network. Why not extract more value from it, Big Data-style, to continuously optimise performance, security and cost-efficiency?

Built-in network analytics systems analyse your traffic in real-time, and present actionable insights to help you protect and assure your network. We can help you implement the right analytics solution and increase network value over time, even if IT budgets stay flat.

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