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Revolutionising the spectator experience for the Principality Stadium

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What Was The Challenge?

1 – The Stadium wanted to deliver the ultimate fan experience at its prestigious sporting and entertainment events
2 – It aimed to share outstanding content over hundreds of HD screens around its arena
3 – This required ground-breaking technology, including a resilient core network

The Point

The Principality Stadium needed a new IT infrastructure with advanced HD media capabilities to help it attract the best events within an extremely competitive marketplace.

Return on investment was key and the project had to be delivered with minimum disruption.

This meant tight deadlines and required an intimate knowledge of the Stadium and workings of an event. What’s more, any IT partner had to commit to the project for 10 years. CAE were up to the task.

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Adam Smith International delivers ‘model office’ from cities to war zones.

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What was the challenge?

1 – Deliver consistent IT services to 250 employees and 1500 associates world-wide
2 – Replace aging and unreliable systems with scalable services that are simple to manage
3 – Make IT available securely in every location, from city offices to bunkers in war zones

The Point

For more than 20 years, Adam Smith International (ASI) has worked with officials world-wide to tackle challenges around poverty, generating growth and strengthening institutions. Current projects are based in countries that include Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria,Nigeria and Somalia.

ASI’s teams needed secure and reliable IT services available to them everywhere … including hostile locations where any interception of classified data could put people’s lives in danger.

ASI’s technical team wanted every employee to be able to access the right applications, communications and IT services securely, from virtually anywhere. With help from CAE, it’s now been possible.

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Tech transformation energises Borough Council

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What Was The Challenge?

1 – Council wanted to create a digital environment for employees and councillors
2 – Policy-makers were on a mission to reduce paper and printing
3 – Council needed stronger security and a faster, more reliable Internet connection

The Point

Today’s local authorities need to look to IT to become more agile, responsive and cost-effective — in an era when budgets are constrained. At one Borough Council, a raft of IT challenges had arisen.

Put simply, the Council’s IT team needed affordable and effective solutions to transform technology in key areas.

With CAE, the local authority was able to find the right answers … from a blisteringly fast Internet connection, through to WiFi being made available for the first time at its imposing Victorian neo-gothic Town Hall.

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Delivering enterprise-grade it without the corporate price tag for Oblix Capital

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What Was The Challenge?

1 – Oblix Capital needed a completely new, flexible and scalable enterprise-grade IT system
2 – Exceptional security was required for operating in the financial sector
3 – Oblix Capital didn’t employ any IT staff, nor were they planning to do so

The Point

Oblix Capital provides short-term finance for the UK residential and commercial property markets. The company planned to move from a serviced office environment to a new headquarters — and so required its own IT capabilities to support a dynamic and rapidly-growing business.

The new IT infrastructure needed building from scratch — and had to be up and running quickly.

CAE provided a virtual IT department with Microsoft’s cloud-based technology at the heart of a new, state-of-the-art infrastructure.

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Providing high-performance, scalable infrastructure for Finsbury Trust

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What Was The Challenge?

1 – Finsbury Trust wanted to replace its core IT infrastructure
2 – A new solution was essential to keep pace with the company’s growing needs
3 – New disaster recovery capabilities and fast backups were required

The Point

With over 30 years of leadership as one of Gibraltar’s premier trust, fiduciary and fund services providers, Finsbury Trust has built a brand name characterised by a commitment to expert client service, professionalism, integrity and innovation.

Now the company needed a new state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to compete even more successfully for international business.

CAE provided its industry expertise to ensure Finsbury Trust got the best mix of technologies — and could deploy them with minimal downtime.

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Core system replaced in a heartbeat at Southend Hospital

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What was the challenge? 

1 – Southend Hospital’s IT infrastructure was reaching end-of-life
2 – New technology was needed to meet future demands from clinical services
3 – Hospital had to keep working during upgrade to protect patient care

The Point

Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust employs nearly 4,500 staff and provides a wide range of acute services, from surgical specialities and cancer treatments, through to orthopaedics and children’s services.

However, each departments’ critical services were depending on a core IT system that was reaching end-of-life. With vendor support ending, the hospital’s core infrastructure — and everything connected to it — was at risk.

Following meticulous planning, CAE deployed an advanced Cisco core infrastructure during a weekend in just 60 minutes. Now the hospital has the perfect infrastructure to meet future needs.

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